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Strip Heating Solutions

Strip Heating for Carbon Steel

Induction Strip Heaters are ideal for Carbon Steel processing to produce the best quality. The production of new AHSS (advanced high strength steel) grades requires new technology to retain the high fraction of austenite. Therefore, new induction heaters are proposed for CGL and CAGL to produce all the various grades of steel.

Automotive, aerospace, food processing, construction, oil and gas, nuclear, chemical processing, and packaging are just a few industries that benefit from Carbon Steel. 

Strip Heating Carbon Steel Carbon

Strip Heating for Silicon/Electrical Steel

Silicon is the primary alloying element in electrical steel, presenting excellent magnetic properties and thus making it a great match for applications like electric motors, compressors, hydro or power generators, wind generators, and transformers. Several factors must be met to produce high-quality electrical steel for the EV and energy industries through various inductors that are integrated into APL, RCM, ACL, and DCL lines.

Strip Heating Silicon Electrical Steel Silicon

Strip Heating for Stainless Steel

Stainless steel processing lines, hot and cold, offer multiple opportunities to optimize the line with induction. Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic can integrate our technologically advanced, compact inductors into existing BAL and CAPL lines. Increase your quality and efficiency with induction.

Strip Heating Stainless Steel Chromium Nickel

Strip Heating for Non-Ferrous Alloys

Years of experience and countless successful installations have allotted Ajax TOCCO as the industry leader in nonferrous strip heating applications. Our induction annealing and dry coating knowledge is unmatched in the industry. 

Strip Heating Nonferrous Aluminum Copper Zinc

Induction Strip Heating Products

Ajax TOCCO provides advanced induction strip heating equipment for a variety of applications and processing lines. 

Strip Processing Lines That Benefit From Induction


Continuous Galvanizing Line


Continuous Annealing Galvanizing Line


Annealing & Pickling Line


Pickling & Tandem Cold Strip Mill


Reversing Cold Mill


Tandem Cold Mill


Bright Annealing Line


Annealing & Coating Line


Decarburizing & Coating Line


Electric Tin Reflow Line


Color Coating Line

And More!