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Induction Melting Solutions

Induction Melting Technology

In today’s demanding markets, our customers require equipment that is efficient, affordable, and reliable. Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic leads the way in induction melting technology, allowing our customers to maintain a competitive edge in today’s worldwide market. We manufacture numerous styles of Coreless and Channel induction melting and holding furnaces that are capable of melting both ferrous and nonferrous alloys. If you’re looking for innovative solutions to match your production needs, our experienced staff will work with you to provide a cost-effective induction melting system. 

Melting Solutions coreless pouring

Induction Melting Power & Control

A melting system needs power and control to be effective. Our Pacer Power Supply line has the ability to melt a wide-range of alloys at maximum power without tap changes or capacitor switching, maintaining high efficiency at all power levels. Combine the Magnecom Automated  Melt Control System for an optimized overall melt system, simplifying furnace start-up, daily melting, and maintenance. Having access to process information, alarm management, troubleshooting, data logging, trending, and reports can be invaluable for a safe, efficient melt operation.  

Melting Solutions Magnecom Control

Induction Melting Products

Visit our channel, coreless melting furnace, and pot equipment pages to gain a better understanding of the wide-range and types of melting products offered.

Industries Utilizing Induction Melting


Aerospace & Defense 

Industrial & Manufacturing 

Foundry & Melt Shops

Investment Casting Shops

Refining & Recycling

Energy & Environment

Mining & Tools

Medical & Dental