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Shrink Fitting Systems 

Shrink Fitting With Induction for Thermal Expansion

Shrink fitting is an assembly process in which two components of similar size are joined together by thermally expanding one component so that another cold, non-heated component can be inserted into the thermally expanded part. After cooling, the heated part contracts and squeezes the non-heated part, forming a semi-permanent assembly that does not require welding, soldering, bonding, or mechanical fasteners. Powertrain and driveline components are often assembled using induction heating for shrink fitting processes. Gears, bearings, seals, cylinder liners, and connecting rods are commonly assembled using shrink fitting techniques.  Shrink fitting is also popular for electric vehicle and motor assembly in which stators and shafts with interference fits are assembled with stator housings and rotor windings. Diamond and carbide cutting tool inserts are increasingly being assembled using shrink fitting instead of brazing to reduce energy consumption, increase the durability of the inserts, and increase operator safety and comfort.

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Single Station Timing Gear Shrink Fitting System

5kW induction heating system with enclosed, flat, pancake-style inductor heats a five-pound timing gear to 200 degrees Celsius in seconds prior to being installed on a cam shaft. Gears and other similar shafted components are uniformly heated with exact accuracy and repeatability.

Shrink Fitting Gear Pillar Mk20

Multi-Station Bearing/Bushing Heating Cell

Multi-station bearing and bushing heating and assembly cell utilizing four 3kW induction heaters and enclosed OD heating solenoid inductors allow heating of four separate bearing components in a precise, timed sequence prior to installation onto a high-speed refrigeration compressor shaft requiring exact rotational balance that can only be accomplished with shrink fitting. 

Shrink Fitting Danfoss 4-station table

Electric Motor Rotor Heated in an ID/OD Combo Inductor

Expert heating inductor engineering and fabrication by Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic provides the shortest possible heat times with maximum temperature uniformity for larger, thick cross-section composite alloy components such as the electric vehicle (EV) electric motor (e-motor) rotor. After heating, the rotor expands a few tenths of a millimeter, allowing it to be easily inserted onto an e-motor shaft.



Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation Quality Certificate

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation Quality Certificate

Dec 15, 2022 by Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic

Ajax TOCCO Looking For Growth In Reman Market

Ajax TOCCO Looking For Growth In Reman Market

Nov 29, 2017 by Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic, with more than 100 years of experience supplying heat treat equipment, is targeting the remanufacturing industry as a significant growth area.

Induction Fastener Applications

Induction Fastener Applications

Oct 19, 2018 by Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic

Induction Heating for Fastener Manufacturing Applications

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