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Pacer RF Power Supply

Frequency Range: 100-450 kHz
Power Range: 80-1,000 kW (1 MW)

The Pacer RF power supply is the solid state solution for RF induction applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • High-efficiency solid state frequency conversion
  • All-digital, single-board logic control
  • Industrial Ethernet IP capable
  • MOSFET inverters
  • Fiberoptic gate driver
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Nonferrous internal water piping
  • Digital metering of output kW, volts, amps, and frequency
  • Control section isolated from power section with enclosed integral cabinet
  • Continuous power control from 10%-100%
  • Main circuit breaker with undervoltage trip
  • Internal isolation transformer and load matching capacitors
  • Parallel tuned output
  • Internal trending and data logging capabilities

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Optional Side Mounted Water Supply

The optional side mount water supply features all nonferrous components with a self-contained pump and motor and a high-efficiency heat exchanger that ensures high-quality water is fed to the critical components.


Power Supply Pacer RF side mount water

Touchscreen Diagnostics

The touchscreen display allows for convenient monitoring and helpful troubleshooting steps.
Optional water path temperature monitoring is available.


Power Supply Pacer RF HMI Display

MOSFET Solid State Switching

The Pacer RF utilizes the latest in ultra-reliable solid state switching devices. MOS (Metal Oxide Silicon) FET (Field Effect Transistor) technology offers a power transistor with relatively high voltage, high current, and very fast switching speeds.


Power Supply Pacer RF MOSFET Retec

Isolated Cabinet Design

The power supply is designed to isolate the logic board, keeping it separate from any water or electrical failure in the power circuit, dramatically increasing board life and greatly reducing maintenance.


Power Supply Pacer RF Isolated Cabinet


Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation Quality Certificate

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation Quality Certificate

Dec 15, 2022 by Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic

Detroit Support Center Quality Certificate

Detroit Support Center Quality Certificate

Dec 15, 2022 by Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic

Induction Fastener Applications

Induction Fastener Applications

Oct 19, 2018 by Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic

Induction Heating for Fastener Manufacturing Applications

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