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Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic®, a subsidiary of ParkOhio Holdings Corp.®, designs and manufactures world-class induction heating and melting equipment for various industries and applications throughout the world. In addition, we provide a range of services including laboratory process development, preventive maintenance, equipment repair, and parts, coil repair facilities and installation services through its locations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Heat TreatingHeat Treating
Ajax TOCCO has developed power supplies that free the user of the one frequency, one job syndrome. Ajax TOCCO's solid state power supplies were specifically developed for induction heating applications. These units combined with state-of-the-art material handling designs enables ATM to supply a complete solution to your heat treating needs.
Ajax TOCCO power supplies have changed the way coreless furnaces are utilized in the foundry. Now, new HPD (high power density) systems provide faster melting, increased scheduling flexibility, and permit foundries to improve their product mix. As the leader in channel furnace technology, Ajax TOCCO has continued to refine the design of their world famous Jet Flow inductor, breaking the 6000 kW barrier and allowing the successful start up of the largest channel furnaces in the world.
Forging & FormingForging & Forming
Ajax TOCCO's combination of state-of-the-art power supplies and controls coupled with American Induction Heating's handling equipment provides for a very robust and flexible induction forging system for both billet and bar end heating. Ajax TOCCO has modern, proven units in the field plus the technology to provide the best results of the forgers' needs.
Pipe and TubePipe and Tube
Ajax TOCCO® has over forty years experience providing heating equipment to the pipe and tube industry. ATM has provided induction heating equipment for heat treating API pipe casing and tool joints, for stretch reduction of seamless tubing, for atmosphere induction systems for bright annealling of stainless tubing, for seam annealling of ERW pipe, for pipe coating applications, and many more. Let Ajax TOCCO provide you with a full "turnkey" installation tailored to meet your individual requirements.
Bar & SlabBar & Slab
Ajax TOCCO has developed sophisticated bar & slab control systems coupled with advanced solid state induction technology and innovative inductor designs enabling mills to dramatically improve processes such as bar and slab rolling. In-Line induction heaters working in conjunction with continuous casting lines have saved thousand of energy dollars by utilizing casting generated heat and restoring only the additional energy required to reach optimum rolling temperature.
Strip HeatingStrip Heating
Ajax TOCCO's induction technology is providing the answer to many modern strip processing quality and production problems. Our expertise with galvanizing, galvannealling, pre-heating, strip coating.and curing has been at the forefront of applying clean, precise induction heating technology for the steel industry.
Custom ApplicationsCustom Applications
Ajax TOCCO's custom applications department is constantly developing innovative methods of applying induction technology. From new applications such as the disposal of chemical weapons, to improving traditional applications such as brazing, soldering, and small part heat treating. Our full line of low kilowatt, high frequency power supplies offer unparalleled versatility and affordability. Our service department can offer phone service assistance as well as in house repair on all of our units.
Brazing & JoiningBrazing & Joining
Ajax TOCCO provides inductive brazing & soldering equipment that can be used in all soldering processes. Brazing and joining with induction heating is particularly useful when soldering under protective atmosphere or brazing within an inert gas atmosphere.
Atmosphere SystemsAtmosphere Systems
Ajax TOCCO's newest product line features atmosphere controlled induction systems for silicon melting, graphitizing, precision casting, sintering processes, or any other induction melting or heating application requiring a vacuum or non-air atmosphere.
Power Supplies

Power Supplies
Ajax TOCCO manufactures a wide range of power supplies to meet the specific needs of the various applications they are used in. Whether your application is in heat treating, melting, forging, etc. Ajax Tocco manufactures a power supply that will be best suited for that application. In addition many of our power supplies are ideally suited for direct replacement of older solid state equipment, motor generators, and old tapped transformer units.
Aftermarket Support Aftermarket Support
Ajax TOCCO's Support Centers offer a full line of services to our customers. These services include induction coil repair for melting, heat treating, forging, and steel applications. Our Service Department offers preventative and emergency maintenance, infrared imaging, maintenance and operator training programs, and much more!
Videos Videos
Our promotional videos are now online. Visit the videos page to learn about the heat treating and foundry products and services available from Ajax TOCCO.


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