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Spare Parts & Services

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Replacement parts
Ajax TOCCO offers an extensive computerized inventory of replacement parts for all induction heating and melting equipment regardless of its original manufacturer, type, or application. Our commitment to support all users of induction goes well beyond being simply a supplier of parts and components. Ensuring that you get the right part when you need it remains one of the key ingredients to continuous improvement of induction system uptime. We routinely ship to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Factory authorized circuit board repair
Board repair is an integral part of Ajax TOCCO’s commitment to complete customer satisfaction. ATM has over 8,000 square feet of floor space in three locations, specially trained board repair technicians, and over $1,000,000 invested in specially designed test equipment for simulating actual operating conditions.

Circuit Board Repair

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24 Hr Hotline: 1-800-547-1527

High Power Capacitors
From high power capacitors to solid state SCRs and IGBTs, ATM can ship these and any other parts overnight any day of the week.


  • Our exclusive use of test simulators provides a controlled environment for precise testing
  • Open loop endurance testing - helps find intermittent or heat related problems
  • Complete documentation of all repair work done
  • All boards cleaned, repaired, tested and if needed, recalibrated to the original factory specifications
  • Circuit board repair on all ATM and non-ATM induction equipment brands
  • Only high-quality, factory recommended components are ever used
  • Quick turnaround, repairs available 24/7/365 with 1 day emergency turnaround upon request
  • Complete warranty on all repairs

Ask for spare parts by calling 330-372-8511 or email SRS@ajaxtocco.com for ATM and non-ATM equipment branded parts.

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