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Engineered Field Upgrades

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System improvements
Often Ajax TOCCO’s SRS group is called upon to solve uptime problems by implementing upgrades to existing induction systems. We work with you to devise a plan for solving the weakest link of the reliability chain.

Common field upgrades:
Upgrades include engineering, materials, and field service installation/test.

  • Side Mount Water System - An all non-ferrous self-contained system to facilitate the use of low conductivity coolant, crucial for a highly reliable induction system
  • Coil Cycle Counter
  • Ground Detector - Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic developed a versatile ground detection and protection system for existing heating and melting installations
  • The preassembled unit can be installed on most existing induction systems in one day
  • Deionized Water Filter System - Can be added to any power supply water system for constant filtering and easy control of conductivity
  • Control system upgrades to increase reliability and ease of use
  • Induction system reconfiguration for a different part specification, purpose or application
  • Electromagnetic flux control devices
  • Power supply output switching module
  • Material handling improvements
  • Furnace and inductor improvements

Scheduled Maintenance Services

Side Mount Water System
Side Mount Water System: Preassembled ready for mounting on or near any existing power supply or heat station.

Ground Detector AssemblyCoil Cycle Counter
Ground Detector Assembly | Coil Cycle Counter was developed as a way for customers to measure coil life.

Dual Deionize and Sediment Filter

Dual Deionize and Sediment Filter Assembly can be added to any existing water system.




Call System Reliability Services (SRS) today to request a quotation for this or any of our other Scheduled Maintenance Services.

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