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SNAPP ™ Snapp plasma hearth melting

SNAPP represents the next real step in the evolution of plasma hearth melting for titanium, titanium alloys and other reactive metals. It addresses many of the concerns of traditional hearth melting voiced by end users relating to cost and quality, including:

  • Chemistry variations inherent in continuous melting
  • Surface finish problems
  • Un-melted machine turning metallics contained in the product due to excessive plume winds in the melting vessel
  • Excessive inert gas use
  • Active rather than passive inclusion removal
  • Greater general versatility (can be operated in a continuous or “batch modified” configuration)
  • Homogeneous mixing
  • Restrictions on feed stock size and high feed stock preparation costs
  • Reduction of vaporization of metal due to viscous shear
  • Heat management issues (i.e. super heat considerations)
  • The inability to effectively cast near net shape and small diameter products effectively by traditional means

SNAPP also provides a process or application focused flexibility not formerly available in plasma hearth melting systems. Product range capability includes the more traditional applications i.e. large diameter ingot and slab “first melts” to as cast, near net shape small structures including preforms and castings with a few modifications of the system design.

The system allows a user to melt a wide range of scrap sizes with a minimum of preparation in advance and with the probable exclusion of mixing and briquetting equipment upstream of the melt system . It also promises the only real “active” removal of high density and non-metallic inclusions without concern for evaporation losses or residence times. Further advantages include the ability to “quietly” melt very light, thin, processed , unbriquetted turnings with little concern for unmelted metallics “blowing” into the mold crucible.


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