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Hydrogen Alloys / IntermetallicsHydrogen storage alloys and intermetallics

Hydrogen Storage Alloys
Hydrogen storage alloys are metallurgically designed to absorb and release hydrogen (in hydride form) without compromising their own structure. Since some alloys have the capability of storing hydrogen at an even higher density than pure hydrogen, hydrogen storage alloys represent an excellent solution for fuel cell storage. The most common forms that hydrogen storage alloys take is in NdFeB (neodymium iron boron), lithium ion, or NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries used in everyday consumer electronic products. The most effective means for manufacturing such alloys is through controlled atmosphere powdered metallurgy processes.

Ajax TOCCO designs and manufactures specialty systems used in the manufacturing process for these alloys.

Intermetallic alloys possess a narrow range of homogeneity and relatively simple stoichiometric proportions; the nature of the atomic binding can be of various types ranging from metallic to ionic. Intermetallic compounds constitute a unique class of metallic materials that form long-range ordered crystal structures below a critical temperature.

Ajax TOCCO designs and manufactures specialty systems involving thermal plasma, electron beam, induction, or induction processes for intermetallic alloys.

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