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Board Repair


Board repair is an integral part of Ajax TOCCO's commitment to complete customer satisfaction, and has over $1,000,000.00 dollars in test equipment to simulate actual operating conditions.

ATM has developed simulators that test all functions of the internal circuitry of each board.  This service provides additional checks that otherwise would not be verified if simply run in a power supply.

Open loop endurance testing - beneficial when looking for intermittent or heat related problems.

Complete documentation of all repair work done, upon request.

All boards are cleaned, repaired, tested and calibrated to OEM specifications.

Repair & testing offered on all boards dating back to the 1930s (Including MG sets and HTL power supplies)

Only high quality, factory recommended components, (as originally specified), are used only.

Quick turn-around repairs available, 24/7 with 1 day emergency turn-around service available upon request.

Warranty provided on all repairs.

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic (ATM) is the OEM for parts and service for Ajax Magnethermic, TOCCO, American Induction Heating, IEH, Pachydyne and of course Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic. 

For questions concerning Board Repairs, please call Joe Sekora at 1-800-547-1527 or by Email at jsekora@ajaxtocco.com

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