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Detroit Development & Support Center



 30100 Stephenson Highway
 Madison Heights, MI   48071
 Phone:  248-399-8601
 Fax:      248-399-8603

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PLANT SIZE: 60,000 Square Feet



  • Applications Laboratory for induction heating development projects
  • Michigan Service Center
  • Park Precision Service Center
  • Sales and Service offices
  • Commercial Heat Treating Operations

  • Applications Laboratory
  • Commercial Heat Treating Operations
  • Support for Field Service Operations
  • Metallurgical Engineering Services
  • Heat Treating, Brazing, Annealing and Tempering Coils
  • Quench Barrels, Blocks, Rings and Nozzles
  • Bar and Billet Heating Coils
  • Coreless Melting Furnaces and Furnace Coils
  • Cast Refractory Furnace Tops and Bottoms
  • Channel Melting Cores, Coils and Bushings
  • Induction Transformers (RF Potted and AF Non Potted)
  • Bus Work, Air Actuated and Manual Quick Disconnects
  • Bus Covers and Enclosures (Metal and Fiberglass)
  • Water Cooled Skid Rails, Bars and End Plates
  • Cast Refractory End Plates
  • Coil Liners - Cast Refractory, Sil-Carbide, Ceramic Fiber
  • All types of Water Cooled Power Leads (Emergency Service)
  • Laminations
  • Flux Concentrators (All Types)
  • Part Holding Fixtures and Tooling
  • Specialists in modifying existing designs for new applications

Visit the Development Center Site at: http://www.commercial-heat-treating.com


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