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Copper Based Alloys

Ajax Tocco manufactures two types of induction melting furnaces for copper based alloys:  Channel furnaces are traditionally used in brass and copper mills and coreless units have been used in foundry applications.

Channel Furnaces
Coreless Furnaces

Ajax TOCCO Swinger


The Ajax TOCCO Swinger features an automotive-type lift cylinder for safety and stability. Swinger prevents updrafts when melting and allows all work to be done at floor level. This guards against tipping and eliminates unnatural lifting. 


500 KW, 1 KHz Pace and 2000 pound coreless furnace



Specialty alloys are produced with this 500 KW, 1 KHz Pacer and 2000 pound high frequency coreless furnace. This furnace, along with an Ajax TOCCO channel furnace, produces over 1/2 million pounds of brass and bronze castings per month.


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