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Advanced Technology
Ajax Tocco leads the way with induction melting technology allowing our customers to maintain a competitive edge in today's worldwide market.

Pacer Power
The Ajax Tocco Pacer power supply has the ability to melt a wide range of alloys at maximum power without tap changes or capacitor switching. Pacer is the only solid state power supply that utilizes fiber optics to extend component life. Efficiency remains high at all power levels. The Pacer is available in sizes to 16000 kW.

Jet Flow Inductors
As the world leader in channel furnace technology, Ajax Tocco continues to refine the design of the world famous Jet Flow inductor. Ajax Tocco has not only broken the 6000 kW barrier, but can also point to the successful start up of the largest channel furnaces in the world.

Melt Control Systems
The Magne-Com melt control system enhances the overall melt system making furnace start up, daily melting, and maintenance simpler. This system can also provide access to valuable process information, alarm management, trouble shooting, data logging, trending, and report generation.



Steel Melting

Iron Melting

Copper Based Alloys



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