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Power Supplies & Accessories

Induction Power Supplies
As an innovator and leader in induction power supply design Ajax TOCCO will recommend the appropriate induction heating power supply based upon previous experience, calculation and best practice design parameters.

TOCCOtron AC 25kW TOCCOtron AC 5kW Pacer S10 TOCCOtron 400


Water Cooling Systems
Ajax TOCCO offers a full line of water cooling systems to support the Induction equipment supplied for your brazing process. Air cooled, water to water, dry coolers, evaporative systems and refrigeration (chiller) heat exchangers are available to keep an induction heating system operating at peak performance providing years of continued service and trouble free operation.

Water Cooling Systems


Total Quality Monitoring SystemTotal Quality Monitoring System (TQMS)
The TQMS is an innovative diagnostic software package that provides greater monitoring capability over the entire induction heating process. This information facilitates the isolation and correction of process deviated conditions that may occur within the induction installation.

As a result, the use of the TQMS can assure consistent quality, decrease rejected parts and increase overall productivity.



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