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Water & Piping

Water Systems and Piping Installation
Water is indispensable for the efficient operation of most induction heating and melting systems. In fact, selecting the right water system is as important as selecting the right melting or heating equipment.

Ajax TOCCO provides a single source for engineering, system designs and fabrication of custom equipment packages. From
pump selection to installation and all processes in between, our engineering staff provides the in-depth technical expertise that
has earned ATM the reputation as a first-class company. Ajax TOCCO utilizes the most up-to-date technology to meet the
demands of our customers.

  • Water, Hydraulic and Pneumatic piping design and installation.
  • Designed and installed per local, national and international
    codes and guidelines.
  • Open loop water systems
  • Closed loop water systems
  • Heat exchangers
    • Shell and tube type
    • Plate type
    • Air-to-water
    • Water-to-water
  • Types of material (copper, steel, stainless steel, PVC, CPVC, etc.) and connections (sweat, threaded, welded, crimped, mechanical connections, etc.) to be determined pending ATM recommendations, customer preference and local codes.

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Water and Piping Installation


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