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Electromagnetic Field Mapping

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Measuring and defining the invisible field
Ajax TOCCO’s electromagnetic field mapping service provides you with important technical information about your induction system.

  • Determines the patterns where energy is actually being generated
  • Determines if and where stray heating may occur
  • Defines areas where magnetic fields are present and at what densities. This can be used to establish safe working areas for personnel

ATM’s field mapping service includes having our certified Service Engineer measure and map the magnetic field around your induction system, and then provide a written report with the results and a plot showing the 2-gauss* perimeter line.

Examples of Recommended Limits of Human Exposure to RF Electromagnetic Fields

Exposure to RF electromagnetic fields chart

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Scheduled Maintenance Services

Vertical heating coil in a galvanneal process
Vertical heating coil in a galvanneal process.
Analysis plot illustrating magnetic field strengths
Analysis plot illustrating magnetic field strengths and
pattern surrounding a vertical heating coil with flux shield.
Thermal and vibration analysis service also available.

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