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Power Supply Water System Clean, Flush & Fill

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Cooling solutions
Over time, the water cooled components and interconnection inside any Induction Power Supply will become compromised by the accumulation of minerals, galvanic erosion, and material degradation. ATM has the products, equipment and trained technical staff to determine the cause, coordinate needed repairs, and develop a long term corrective action plan for any equipment brand.

Magne-Clean five pound pailMAGNE-CLEAN
A powder that easily dissolves in water, our environmentally safe Magne-Clean is a citric acid cleaning solution that when used with our specialized recirculating equipment, removes minerals, dirt, and debris from the inside of all water cooling paths. Magne-Clean is shipped in 5 lb. pails.

Power supply re-hose
At best, the rubber hose used in induction equipment will reach the end of useful life after 15 years. The exact life will depend on the environment, but the hose will eventually become brittle and cause leaks. We can replace all rubber hose, hose-barbs and clamps using materials that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Refill your water system with MAGNE-COOL
Magne-Cool is a low conductivity, ethylene glycol heat transfer fluid, specially formulated to protect your induction power supply. In addition to providing freeze protection, we find that a 30% solution helps to stabilize the water, prolong the life of metal surfaces, and keep the electrical conductivity of the water within OEM specifications.

Magne-Cool ships overnight in 5 gallon pails. Also available in drums and totes.

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Scheduled Maintenance Services

Magne-Clean service removes deposits to restore water flow
Magne-Clean Service will easily remove deposits to restore water flow.


Technician flushes deposits from each power supply cooling path
Using Magne-Clean and specialized recirculating equipment, our technician flushes deposits from the I.D. of each power supply cooling path one at a time.

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Download the SRS Magne-Clean Brochure (PDF)


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