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Predictive Maintenance Using Infrared Thermal Imaging

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Finding and solving thermal problems
Thermal imaging service can detect air and water cooling issues, poor electrical connections, and potential mechanical failure.

Using thermographic imaging equipment, our certified engineer can interpret the images to pinpoint problems in your induction system and take proper actions to prevent downtime. And while we are at it, we can survey your entire plant’s electrical and mechanical systems and other heating process equipment.

Our infrared imaging service includes:

  • A certified Ajax TOCCO Service Engineer traveling to your plant fully equipped with thermal imaging equipment
  • Taking infrared images of the specified system(s)
  • Interpretation of the images on the spot
  • Rectifying most potential breakdown problems while the Service Engineer is on site
  • Recommending any followup maintenance or part replacement in a detailed written report. The thermal report is suitable for sharing with your insurer or filing with your ISO manager

Note: To conduct this service, customer equipment must be in operation whereby maximum temperatures can be observed.

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Scheduled Maintenance Services

DC Reactor
(Thermal Image & Digital Photo)

Restricted water paths need to be back-flushed
Water paths on the right hand section are restricted.
Need to back-flush Reactor to remove restrictions.


Inverter Section
(Thermal Image & Digital Photo)

Infrared image showing overheating of the induction power supply
Infrared thermal image showing overheating inside of the induction power supply panel.

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