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Pacer Power Supplies

The Pacer is the first solid state induction power supply to use fiber optics to eliminate noise generated faults. Fiber optics eliminate the need for filters to isolate noise to the logic board. With this micro controlled state of the art technology, isolated from any water or electrical failure in the power circuit, board life is dramatically increased and maintenance greatly reduced.  

For more information about each model, please click on the model image or the (Details) link below the image. To download a PDF document for the model, click on the (PDF) link.

Pacer HF Power Supplies

Pacer RF Power Supplies

Pacer S10 Power Supplies

Pacer HF (Details)
Pacer HF (PDF)
50 to 3000 Kw, 1 to 100 Khz

Pacer RF (Details)
Pacer RF (PDF)
20 & 40 Kw, 100 to 500 Khz

Pacer S10 (Details)
Pacer S10 (PDF)
50 to 350 Kw, 3 to 10 Khz

Pacer T Power Supplies

Pacer 2 Power Supplies


Pacer T (Details)
Pacer T (PDF)
50 to 300 Kw, 3 to 100 Khz

Pacer II (Details)
Pacer II (PDF)
100 Kw to 12 Mw, 60 Hz to 10 Khz



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