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Toccotron SS

Toccotron SS Power SupplySolid State Radio
Frequency Power Supplies

The TOCCOtron SS is a family of solid-state radio frequency power supplies developed byAjax Tocco for higher frequency induction heating requirements. Applications include processing small parts where narrow heat patterns must be precisely controlled, as well as, a broad range of related automotive and industrial heating tasks. The standard control for the TOCCOtron SS MPC power supply is a shop floor programmable,microprocessor-based system. Job set up is as simple as entering keyboard data and verifying values on the oversized alphanumeric display. In addition, the microprocessor prompts the user on proper loadmatching.


  • Reliable high efficiency radio frequency power supply
  • Delivers full power from 50 - 200 kHz
  • The right power to meet job requirements
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Lower output voltages for longer life
  • Provides years of trouble free service
  • Integrates easily into modern equipment and SPC systems


  • MOSFET solid state design
  • Selectable frequency range
  • 20 kW to high power 360 kW
  • Microprocessor user interface available
  • Parallel tuned power circuit
  • Built in protection devices and circuits
  • RS-232 communication port

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