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Pipe & Tube Heating

Complete Material Handling Solution

Ajax TOCCO has a global commitment to the pipe and tube industry. We have strengthened this commitment with over six decades of product line development. Today, our product offering serves more than just Induction Heating equipment. With a strong backing from our corporate Park Ohio Holdings group we have acquired companies and products that span far beyond just the Induction Equipment. Today our commitment to the pipe and tube industry encumbrances a family of products in an effort to become more of a universal resource to our customers. These products include:

Ajax TOCCO Saet Group PMC Colinet Pines Ajax CECO

In many of our customers, our family of pipe and tube products can be offered together as packages with common management, terms, and delivery. We even offer complete AjaxTocco Installation work for all equipment sold.

In addition to our pipe and tube product family, we provide a wide range of systems for most pipe and tube applications listed below. (Please follow the product link for individual product information):

Ajax TOCCO is at the forefront of API pipe production for the oil and gas industry. With the skilled specialists of Ajax TOCCO on your team you can expect a wealth of experience to assist you in your pipe and tube heating and manufacturing requirements. Let AjaxTocco provide you with a full "turnkey" installation tailored to meet your individual requirements. In the age of reduced staffing, let our staffing with decades of experience and hundreds of engineers and product specialist be your team. 

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