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15335 - Pin Oven

Pin Oven

Enhanced Features:

• Low headroom style pin oven allows can decorating in buildings with less "headroom"
• Microprocessor based temperature controller, with integrated  Automatic tuning, and PID (Proportional band, Integral time, Derivative time)
• Digital chart recorder allows process monitoring, and comparison
• Circuit breaker wiring circuit protection, reduces downtime
• Eclipse burner
• FM, IRI, and NFPA compliant gas pipetrain
• Patented supply wall uniformly cures can coatings
• New York Blower fans
• High temperature aluminum impregnated coating on all structural steel
• Exclusively Aluminized sheet metal used throughout the oven
• 2 pass cooling module quickly reduces product temperature, to minimize surface marring downstream of the oven
• Load endsteel ties in associated equipment, and provides a solid foundation for air guides, and chain guides
• Air guides use uniform air pressure to keeeep the cans seated on the pinchain, thereby greatly reducing lost cans
• Chain guides stop the chain whip which shortens chain life, and damages cans
• Walkway and ladders provide immediate access to the critical areas of the oven
• Automatic bearing lubrication minimizes maintenance downtime, and maximizes bearing life
• Automatic chain lubrication minimizes chain stretch, and greatly increases chain, and sprocket life
• Exit endsteel provides a ready, solid foundation for any pinstripper
• Model 4500 Unistrip® pinstripper strips cans at speeds of up to 2400 cans per minute

Pin Oven
The PIN OVEN's primary purpose is to dry metal decorating coatings for 2 piece, 3 piece, and aluminum cans.  FECO designs and manufactures pin ovens with capacities of 2200 Cans Per Minute (CPM).  The oven shown above is a gas-fired, 2 zone, 26 pass, 450° pin oven with a capacity of 1600 CPM.  This oven was optioned with:

• 2 pass cooler
• Load end steel with pneumatic take-up
• Entrance and exit air guides
• A full set of chain guides
• Walkway and ladder
• Automatic bearing lubrication
• Automatic chain lubrication
• Exit end steel
• Model 4500 vacuum Pin Stripper

This oven is approximately 40 feet long X 8 feet wide 19 feet high.  With the cooler added it is approximately 45 feet long.  With the load and unload end steels added, it is approximately 65 feet long.  With the walkways added, it is approximately 11 feet wide.


• 450°F (232°C) operating temperature, 500°F (260°C)  maximum temperature

OVERALL SIZE (approximate - oven only)
• 40' long  x 8' wide x 19' high

• Natural Gas

• 4,000,000 BTUH (2 x 2,000,000 BTU burner)

• 1,600 cans per minute

• 275 cubic feet (11'- 11" x 39'- 8" x 7")

• Convection - horizontal crossflow

• 36 per minute

• (2) two

• 4 inch layered insulation construction, with 6 lb. per cubic foot high temperature mineral wool insulation

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