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Batch Oven

Batch Oven

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The oven shown is a “Batch” oven. Batch ovens are designed in any size imaginable. They can be single or multiple chamber and handle parts or assemblies from breadbox size to a full size jet airplane.

Designing the oven takes careful planning to accommodate:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Heat transfer to product
  • Support of product
  • Elimination of smoke and volatile

In applications where cooling is needed to reduce the temperature of the product prior to the next processing stage, the batch oven can incorporate a programmable temperature controller to set a “cycle” of processing with heat up, hold, and cooling.

LOADING AND UNLOADING is typically manual but could include a powered cart or rack to hold parts. Some batch ovens are loaded with standard lift trucks.

HEAT TRANSFER to product can be from the top down or, with special care, from bottom up with the intent off passing heated air through the product. Some designs use air from one side to the other or both sides to the middle of the product. If air is not appropriate, radiated heat can also be used.

SUPPORT of product depends on the shape and weight of parts and the volume to be processed in a given time. It is important in a batch process to consider the support so as not to obstruct the heat medium from reaching the product.

SMOKE AND VOLATILE elimination is critical in a batch process to prevent build up of material that may be explosive. Properly designed, an exhaust system can be varied to remove contaminated air at one time and contain clean air at others to give the most efficient operation in fuel usage.

Batch ovens are commonly used where long heat cycles are required and product size, or weight, warrant specific chamber sizes.

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