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Heat Treating Equipment

Dynamic Variable Frequency
Ajax Tocco has developed power supplies that free the user of the one frequency, one job syndrome. Ajax Tocco's solid state power supplies were specifically developed for induction applications. They enable the user to accommodate part variations and patterns with very little effort. Ajax Tocco's variable dynamic frequency approach provides the user with the capability to tune to a specific load, enhance pattern development and improve the production flexibility of any induction system.Heat treating computer controlled system

Standard Equipment and Custom Automation
The Standard Equipment and Custom Automation industry demands system designs that are cost effective and contribute to the bottom line. To meet these challenges, Ajax Tocco has developed computer control systems to speed change-over, improve quality and set new reliability standards. Many systems are self monitoring and automatically adjust for minor variations. The use of lean manufacturing cells with automated pick & place fixtures, robotics, and built-in quality control provides the means of handling a wider variety of parts with the same equipment.

Performance and reliability are only as good as the effort designed and built into the system before it is shipped to the customer. Ajax Tocco makes the extra effort. Our metallurgical testing facilities, complete with our staff metallurgists, assure process parameters are satisfied before equipment shipment.

Standard Equipment

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