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Induction Bolt Heating / Stretching

Hand Carried Induction Power SupplyHeavy Hex Nut Heating With Induction Significantly Reduces Torque Required For Removal

Induction heating systems provided by Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic are ideal for heating heavy hex nuts commonly found in power generation, and petro chemical operations. Induction heating provides rapid, controlled, localized flameless heating to thermally expand heavy hex nuts that may be galled or corroded. Induction heating also quickly releases thread locking compounds. Although capable of temperatures exceeding 800C, only 200C or less is required for most heavy hex nut heating applications.

Industrial bolting and maintenance providers have reported being able to use standard pneumatic impact wrenches to remove heavy hex
nuts that previously required high torque hydraulic wrenches, thus increasing speed and reducing down time. Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic 5kW air cooled TOCCOtron AC induction heating power supplies can be hand carried to the job site. Compact hand held transformers allow operators to apply induction heating within confined areas. The 230/400/480V 1 or 3-phase input can be used at almost any job site.

Download Bolt Heating Brochure (PDF)


Using a Toccotron with a Slimline Induction Nut Heater


Gas/Steam Turbine Maintenance & RepairCSA Approved Air-Cooled Inverter

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic has the latest air cooled transistorized inverter technology and the most advanced inductor design and manufacturing capabilities available. Field proven induction bolt stretching success has pushed Ajax TOCCO to the lead as a supplier to inductrial bolting, power generation and petro chemical maintenance providers.

Compact hand held transformers and light weight HF cables combined with Ajax TOCCO’s superior inductor design and manufacturing capabilities reduce operator fatigue while reducing cycle times. Overall scheduled down time for turbine maintenance is reduced allowing it to be brought back online in record time.



Air Cooled Transistorized Inverter


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