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MosWeld SiC

The New Evolution of HFI Welder

MOSWELD SiC is the ultimate solid state power supply using Silicon Carbide transistor technology, the highest overall energy efficiency (more than 90%) in the market allowing to decrease the production costs.

MOSFET transistors with SiC substrate allows increased efficiency and reduced maintenance by eliminating a large number of semiconductors, firing and protection circuits as well as interconnection wiring and water cooling requirements.

Silicon Carbide SiC transistor technology allows for higher capacity device utilization. Larger capacity reduces the quantity of devices required over traditional Si transistors thus, increasing reliability and electrical efficiency. In the end, this simplistic design gives advantages over traditional complex Si transistor designs in lower overall operational cost.

An optimized control is adopted to limit the sensitivity to short circuits, minimizing downtime and also protecting the system. The galvanic insulation is provided by means of a transformer placed between an inverter and an oscillator. Auto-tuning for coil adjustment and intrinsic load adaptation features are implemented for easy welder usage. The three-axis adjusting table is integrated in the welding head. A single cabinet layout is adopted for the entire range up to 1000 kW.


ENERGY EFFICIENT: reduced energy cost by drastic reduction in transistors using the SiC technology
COMPACT DESIGN: single generator cabinet mounted directly over the mill
INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: quick change power inverter racks
SHORT CIRCUIT TOLERANT: short circuit protection from the coil to the tube
CONSTANT POWER FACTOR: 95% maintained throughout the entire power range
FREQUENCY VARIABILITY: auto-tuning of frequency (30% capability)
VERSATILITY: 30% power overrating for load adaptation
INTERNAL ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM: X, Y, Z internal coil arm positioning versus external adjustable table


  • Modular Silicon Carbide based Inverter
  • MOSFET transistors with SiC substrate
  • Single cabinet design up to 1 MW
  • Load short circuit protection (Proof is absolute)
  • XYZ table inside the cabinet
  • Easily adaptable to existing coil designs in most cases
  • Sliding power modules for easy maintenance
  • Fully-automatic remote controls
  • Proven reliability in tube mill environments
  • If a power module fails, the unit can still run

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EMMEDI MOSWELD SiC Welder with Control Panel

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